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Verify & Mark Traverse Holes With Pinpoint Accuracy.

We reduced all the engineering formulations involved in duct traversal to a user friendly portable instrument that provides accuracy and repeatability.

The Fastest & Most Accurate Instrument to Change CFM Fan Speed.

Using Performing Instruments Pulley GPS you can navigate fan performance of a variable pitch pulley at all operating positions accurately in seconds.

Our Pulley GPS with a color-coded chart is your key to equipment performance and energy savings.

Using our Pulley GPS, you can reduce time due to premature belt failures, and do more in less time with precision and accuracy.


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      Air Balancing Firms

      Our products help you increase quality outcomes, customer satisfaction, and your bottom line.

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      Architecture & Engineering Firms

      Our systems ensure that your buildings’ HVAC systems are performing at peak efficiency.

    • hospital-bed

      Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities

      Our testing systems ensure cleaner air for you and your patients, where it matters most.

    • government-building

      Schools & Government Institutions

      Our air measuring tools guarantee the highest quality of air for the business of education and the business of government.

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      HVAC Contractors

      Our tools will help you increase system efficiency while saving time, energy, and money.

    With Performing Instruments, you’ll increase efficiency while saving
    time and energy.

    At Performing Instruments, you will find a variety of products that transform complex mathematical models into user-friendly air measuring tools that save time and energy while enhancing uniformity and performance, all while conforming to ASHRAE and SMACNA standards.

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