Auto Duct Traverse Kit


Duct traverse that involves measuring the velocity of air at predetermined coordinates within the duct and multiplying the average by the cross sectional area of the duct to get the volume. Pitot Tube and Duct Traverse Commissioner Rule are not included.

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Duct traverse is a method for measuring airflow in ducts. It is a twostep process; drilling holes on the duct at specific locations and reading the air velocity at specific locations in the duct.  It involves a combination of using mathematical formulas, marking the ducts and airflow probes and the steady hands and judgement of a Technician to stick the probe in the opaque duct to read the air velocity.  Some refer to duct traversing as an art, some call it skill and others think it is science.  The plain truth is that a pro can perform a duct traverse at the same location under the same condition and end up with different results.  The reason is obvious; duct traversing has not kept up with modern technological advancement until now.  After over 30 years in Mechanical Engineering, Energy Management, Testing and Balancing and Building Commissioning, we present to the industry Auto Duct Traverse.  We put all the Engineering formulation into instrument that gets laboratory results. With the Auto Duct Traverse, no special skills and training is required, it produces the same result every time, it is faster, safer and reading can be performed remotely.

Step one, Duct Prep – The Bridge

• It attaches itself to the duct for handsfree operation.

• It read the width of the duct

• It pinpoints the locations of the holes for each duct size

• The bore keeps the drill bit from walking

• It is safer – you do not have to reach over ceiling grids to measure the duct size or mark it.

• Save time upward of 50% in this step

Step two, Reading Airflow – The ladder

• Holds and keeps the probe (pitot tube) parallel to the walls of the duct (typical of lab condition)

• It read the depth of the duct

• It pinpoints the location to read air velocity based on the duct depth

• Stop reading at any coordinate and continue without starting over

• Save time, upward of 25% in this step

Round Ducts

• The round duct bridge also attached duct for handsfree operation.

• The ladder attaches to the bridge, holds the pitot tube or probe tangent to the duct and keeps the probe sensor is parallel to the walls of the duct.  Likewise, the probe travels through the true diameter of the duct for optimum accuracy.

• It measures the diameter of the duct

• It pinpoints the coordinates on both sides of the center of the duct and read the airflow on both sides through one hole.

• You can save upward of 40% of the time it takes to do it the old way


Auto duct traverse measures airflow correctly irrespective of the angle or inclination of the duct either by design or by installation error.  The traverse can be performed from the side of the duct or from the top like the duct on the roof.  The auto duct traverse would give the same consistent accurate reading.

Additional Benefits

• It is consistent; you get the same result each time

• You can read the velocity remotely with our Robbie Eye

• No special skills required

• It is safer – you read coordinate at eye level and on lower step of a step ladder

• No Ruler

•No need to markup pitot tube

Traverse Kit

The kit comes in a hard-shell protective case containing

• 1 each – 12″, 24”, 36” bridge for Rectangular Duct

• 1 each – 24″ and 36” ladder for rectangular duct

• 1 – Round Duct Bridge

• 1 – 18″ ladder for round duct

• 2 – 36″ ladder for round duct

• 1 – small box for cap plugs

The case can also hold 18” and 36″ pitot tube and our duct traverse commissioner rule.

Auto Duct traverse is your resource to consistency and doing more in less time accurately.

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Weight 15.2 lbs
Dimensions 50 × 10 × 8.5 in