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Variable pitch pulleys are adjusted by half cycle and each half cycle represents an operating position. Our Pulley GPS is used to measure the operating position of a variable pitch pulley.  It comes with a chart.

With that chart, you can accurately determine the airflow of a fan:

• In all the operating positions within a pulley

• Size of replacement pulley if necessary

• Operating position in the replacement pulley

• Size of the belt at all operating position.

The Pulley GPS is your resource to analyze fan performance and proffers solution in a minute so that you can get the work done flawlessly at minimum time.

Changing Airflow is a Breeze – See chart in pictures.

Desired air flow= 5000 CFM

Measurement= 4500 CFM

Pulley: 4.75

Belt size: B

You want to increase air flow by 500 CFM, 10%

Solution: Using Pulley GPS OP, is #6.

From OP #6 on the chart you move left.

You can increase flow by either 8% or 11%, its your call.

For 8% close the pulley by 3 half turns to OP #3.

For 11% close the pulley by 4 half turns to OP #2

If the pulley is too small or large for desired airflow, the lower chart will guide you to the right size.

Other features

• Used at both digital and analog modes

• Used as a micrometer

• Built in belt sizer

Additional information

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