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Duct Traverse Commissioner Rule – Side Kick


The commissioner rule is used to markup the locations of the holes on a duct in preparation for traverse and as a corroboration tool that the holes were located correctly.

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Duct traverse is a method for measuring airflow in ducts. It is a two step process; drilling holes on the duct at specific locations and reading the air velocity at specific matrix or coordinates within the duct.  It involves a combination of using mathematical formulas, marking the ducts and airflow probes and the steady hands and judgement of a Technician to stick the probe in the opaque duct to read the air velocity.  Some refer to duct traversing as an art, some call it skill, while others think of it as science.  The plain truth is that a pro can perform a duct traverse at the same location under the same condition and end up with different results. 

Irrespective, an accurate traverse begins with drilling the probe holes at the correct location.  This is the only visible aspect of the traverse process that could be easily verified.

If the holes that are accessible are not drilled in the right locations on the duct, then what would be the integrity of the work.

The duct traverse commissioner Rule is user friendly tool to validate the correctness of traverse holes.  It pinpoints holes locations that corresponds to the width of the duct.

It is a ruler to measure duct width.

It is great for marking up hole locations on duct with pinpoint accuracy.

The commissioning rule also functions in both quality control tool and troubleshooting tool.

The Commissioner rule is indispensable for Engineers, TAB Supervisors, Commissioning Agents, Construction manager and HVAC administrators responsible for the quality of the work.


It does up to 72” wide duct.

Additional information

Weight 2.2 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 9 × 2 in


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