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Improved HVAC Systems Are Key to Combating Airborne Diseases

By John Bleasby Focus on the primary cause for the spread of COVID-19 has shifted from direct human contact to airborne transmission.  As a result, me...

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Stop, quarantine. Men in coronavirus hazmats prevention coronavirus pandemic outdoor, copy space

COVID-19 & HVAC: Same Game, New Rules

Contractors are adapting, and following COVID-19 safety procedures. As we live and learn, we must continue to earn. By TERRY MCIVER JUL 01, 2020...

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TAB Analysis Critical for Building Efficiency

By Cherie Preville Far too often, buildings intended to deliver the highest levels of energy efficiency, sustainability, and comfort are failing to...

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Image of Flu COVID-19 virus cell under the microscope on the blood.Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak influenza background.Pandemic medical health risk concept with disease cell as a 3D render.

Can the AC filter in your home, office or local mall protect you from Covid-19?

By Sandee LaMotte, CNN (CNN) – When New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced last week that malls in New York could not reopen unt...

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